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Getting to the Brooklyn Bridge on New Year’s Eve


Just because things look close together does not necessarily mean they are near each other in a timely fashion. Rush hour, traffic congestion, accidents, and construction can make getting there a challenge.  If you are staying at a hotel, ask your concierge for advice.

Automobile—If you are willing to walk, you can find parking on the street.

Taxi–Uber (and Lyft) would be available since it’s an on-call service. Cabs from Brooklyn shouldn’t be hard to find in the Heights, especially near the Marriott Hotel.

Check with MTA info- site or ask the concierge at your hotel for the best way to get to our tour.  Subway schedules change and where the train stops also changes!

The 1 train stops at Chambers Street at City Hall. Station Wall Street Subway by 2, 3, 4, 5 leaves people a little closer and one less confusing than in Fulton Street. Metro lines 4, 5 and 6 stop at the Brooklyn Bridge station in the City at a distance. J to the Broad Street Station. N and R trains stop at Courtlandt Street.  A few blocks away from our event. is the Fulton Street Station has 2, 3, 4, 5, metro C, J, and Z.

Some subway lines will not be running late at night.  I would not do ‘just in time” with the NYC subway because just things look close together does not mean that transportation can be counted to get you there.  You still have to walk from Fulton Street Station to our meeting point in front of McDonald’s Restaurant at 160 Broadway.  Since you are choosing a time-sensitive destination, I would allow myself plenty of time to use the subway and allow additional time to walk to the meeting point.  Better to get there early than late. You can have a snack at McDonald’s while waiting.

For information about the NYC subway, go to

PATH trains will be running all night long to 33rd Street. To minimize walking, I suggest you take it to 33rd Street, where you can connect to the R subway train. Take that to Cortlandt Street and you’re a block away from the meeting location. Afterward, if you walk back to Manhattan, there is an uptown R station on the Broadway side of City Hall Park you could take back to 33rd. If you go to Brooklyn you could take the A train to West 4th Street and walk 5 blocks up 6th Avenue to the 9th Street PATH station. There are other options but these are the most efficient.

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