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How Donald Trump of New York Became President of the United States


Donald Trump leveraged his family’s real estate fortune into becoming the president of the United States.  His grandfather, an immigrant from Germany, set up a barbershop on Wall Street and began investing in NYC real estate after making a fortune mining the miners of the Yukon Gold Rush by setting up restaurants and hotels.  His father went from personally building homes to constructing projects that housed thousands of people in the outer boroughs of Manhattan.  In 1971, Donald Trump became president of the family company which he renamed the Trump Organization and began concentrating on commercial and residential projects in Manhattan.  His father’s hundreds of millions bankrolled him along the way.

The one overwhelming characteristic of Donald Trump is his ego. His ambition was no less than outdo Robert Moses in transforming NYC. He saw his opportunity the Pennsylvania railroad properties in the 1980s. He rescued a dilapidated hotel and transformed into the Grand Hyatt Hotel. He helped lay the foundations for the construction of what would become the Jacob Javits Convention which he would have preferred to have named after himself. Finally, he attempted to build Trump City, on the site of the Hudson Railyards. Although his dream was thwarted ultimately by the community, political, and commercial opposition, he learned how to co-opt them into becoming his allies for other projects. Ultimately, Donald Trump was able to transform a lemon into a lemonade stand instead of just lemonade.

Although The Apprentice was not of Donald Trump’s own creation, he was able to transform the concept of Mark Burnett, the producer, into his own vision where he hawked his various enterprises and above all himself.  The program originated from 30 Rockefeller Center.  Trump became not the celebrity he always wanted to become but he learned how to become master of the media, especially the new media, the social media.

In June 2015, Donald Trump made a politically incorrect statement about immigration. Like a true ju-jitsu master, he was able to leverage the strengths of his opponents against them to emerge triumphant on top.  He gained popular momentum the more he was denounced from left to right by both politicians and media pundits.  Trump was an unconventional candidate who ran an unconventional campaign that took his critics and opponents by surprise.  They could never figure out how to contain and stop him.

On election day 2016, Donald Trump at the New York Hilton proclaimed victory and became the forty-fifth president of the United States of America.  Starting from there, we will be retracing his road to the White House as we take a look at his business career and personal life in Midtown Manhattan including stops at Trump Tower, Trump Place, and other landmarks that have marked his ascent into the White House in our tour, I Hate Donald Trump.

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