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How Safe is the Brooklyn Bridge? 


The bridge is very safe.  Because it the greatest possible target for terrorists, it has the best surveillance. The crime rate in New York City has declined, over the decades.  New York City is generally safe if you use your street smarts. “That means not flashing expensive jewelry, watches, and cameras in public, crowded places. It also means not being inebriated.

If you believe in safety in numbers, take comfort in the fact that there will be crowds on the bridge to see the New York Harbor fireworks display. The bridge will also probably be full of revelers all evening if the weather is good. The pedestrian walkway to the Brooklyn Bridge is lit, and people do walk it at night at their own risk. There will be police in the area, but should you walk it at 3 a.m.? The Big Apple is a big city, so use your best judgment.”

“New Year’s Eve Walk Over the Brooklyn Bridge” Get the best views of fireworks from this New York landmark” BY ELLEN FREUDENHEIM Updated 10/23/18

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