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The Brooklyn Bridge as the Eight Wonder of the World


The Brooklyn Bridge is a MARVEL of financing, engineering, and beauty. When it opened in 1883, it was considered the EIGHT WONDER OF THE WORLD  and as far as I am concerned it still is. In 1883, it was the longest bridge ever to span a river more than a mile long. It was the first bridge to be ILLUMINATED BY ELECTRICITY at night from its own power plant on the Brooklyn side. It used arc lighting before Thomas Alva Edison’s invention of the lightbulb. It was the first to use galvanized STEEL in its main cables. The construction of the Brooklyn Bridge was considered to be on the magnitude of the building of the Suez Canal and the Transcontinental Railroad. In fact, both were finished in shorter periods of time than the Brooklyn Bridge.

NYC Walks Blog 55 The Brooklyn Bridge as the Eight Wonder of the World © 2018 by Dr. Philip Ernest Schoenberg


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