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The Brooklyn Bridge Part VIII:  Additional Information About the Brooklyn Bridge ©

Briefmarke Johann August Röbling



C        First bridge in the world to be lit by electricity at night.

C        First suspension bridge to use galvanized steel wires in its main cables.

C        Cincinnati-Covington Bridge, sister of the Brooklyn Bridge, also built by John A. Roebling, opened in 1866, is the only other suspension bridge in the United States to have stone towers.


C        Today, some 30 New York City Department of Transportation workers look after the bridge.

C        It is supposed to be repainted every five years but this is not always on schedule.

C        Epoxy paints are used.

Physical Structure:


C        River Span: 1,595 feet.

C        5,989 feet in total length including approaches and land spans twice as long as any previous bridge built at its opening in 1883.

C        85 feet wide at bridge floor.


C        Number of cables: 4.

C        Diameter of each cable: 15 3/4 inches.

C        Length:  3,578 feet 6 inches.

C        Number of wires in each cable:  5,434.

C        Total length of wire in each cable: 3,515 miles.

C        Number of wires in each strand:  286.


C        Number of strands in each cable: 19.

C        Weight of each cable: 7,732,086 pounds.

C        Pull strength of each cable: 24, 621,780 pounds.


C        Depth of Brooklyn side: 44 feet 6 inches below high water.

C        Depth of Manhattan side: 78 feet 6 inches.

C        Height of each Tower: 276 feet 6 inches.

C         Weight of each anchorage: 60,000 tons

NYC Walks Blog 31 The Brooklyn Bridge Part VIII:  Additional Information About the Brooklyn Bridge © 2018 by Dr. Philip Ernest Schoenberg



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