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The Sleazy Life of Donald Trump the Family Man


Trump says doesn’t drink or smoke because older brother Frederick Christ “Fred” Trump Jr., was alcoholic.  This did not stop him from trying to discontinue his nephew Fred III’s medical coverage who suffered from a serious illness.  Fred Jr. did not follow father’s footsteps but became pilot. He had two children, Fred III, and Mary. When in 2000, Fred III contested details of grandfather’s will, Trump and his siblings, Robert and Maryanne, ended their nephew’s family medical coverage even though Fred III’s 18-month-old son, William, had a rare neurological disorder that produced violent seizures, brain damage, medical bills topping $300,000.  The judge ruled medical coverage had to continue until was disagreement settled.

Donald Trump has been married three times, each time a model. He has aged while the age of his wife remains the same. His first and third wives were born in foreign countries.  Each time, a divorce was a result of his playing around.  The tabloid media and the gossip columns had a field day in reporting his sleazy antics as the divorce proceedings took place.

The wife he most wronged was his first one, Ivanka born in Czechoslovakia.  In 1988, Ivanka was dreaming of becoming the First Lady as her husband was laying the groundwork for his first hints that he was considering running for office.  Her dreams ended in the nightmare of divorce when Marla Maples, his mistress at the time and his future second wife, had a tiff with her on the slopes of Aspen during the 1988 Christmas holidays.  Trump, who apparently did not thinks discretion did not apply to him, had Marla come to Aspen also. He also had hidden her in a love nest in an apartment at the Trump Tower where he and the first Mrs. Trump lived. When Donald Trump began to divorce Ivanka, he fired her from her position of running the Plaza Hotel for alleged incompetence.  She had been responsible for creating the Trump Hotel look that he continued to use. Worst of all, she worked cheap for her husband because she received no salary whatsoever.

Trump was not savaged by divorce because he had prenups that he updated annually so none of his former wives could claim that they had been naïve young things that failed to understand what they were signing at the time. He has good relations with his former wives each of whom defended him when he was accused of sexual improprieties during the 2016 political campaigns for president.  Nevertheless, women eager for publicity such as Stormy Daniels, the porn star, who had signed an agreement not talk about having sex, began to blab, in order to advance their careers.

Trump had transitioned from an era where the press respected the privacy of people to an era where he could thrive despite the constant exposes of his private life.  Unlike Bill Clinton who was hurt by the exposes of his sexual escapades, Trump seemed to thrive.  When he ran for president in 2016, poor Hillary Clinton could not play the sleaze card effectively because her own husband had a record of sleaze that kept showing up when it was least desirable.  Donald Trump has remained an unreconstructed male chauvinist pig despite his occasional acknowledgment of the pieties of denying he was not involved in sexual improprieties or apologizing for them.

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