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How is the weather?


Over the years, the weather has been pretty favorable, given this is beginning of the winter season. Whatever the state of the weather is this year, it has to be better than last year’s record low of 9 degrees Fahrenheit last New Year’s Eve.  The temperatures will be more pleasant, probably in the forties or even the fifties!

This time, we caught a break.  The temperatures will be seasonably higher than average in the forties!  However, we will be hit by some rain.  So, bring your umbrellas and raincoats though you will have to be bundled up as last New Year’s Eve.  Remember, it will still be chilly so dress warmly! The last time it rained around midnight was 2009!  Unlike Times Square, you will be able to use an umbrella!

The last time it snowed on New Year’s Day was 1891!  In the unlikely event there is snow, the New York Department of Sanitation does an excellent job of shoveling it away, so it is not a hazard on the Brooklyn Bridge!

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