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Marvelous MoMath


On Saturday, 26 January 2019,  I had a most wonderful experience when I visited The National Museum of Mathematics or MoMath, a museum dedicated to mathematics in Manhattan, New York City.  I had struggled with math in high school and avoided the subject in college and graduate school.  I had to be tutored in algebra and calculus which I managed to achieve high scores in the New York State Regents

The museum opened on December 15, 2012, at 11 East 26th Street between Fifth and Madison Avenues, across from Madison Square Park in the NoMad neighborhood.  Despite the mindless opposition of nimby by the local community to the architectural plans, permission for construction was granted by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission and the Department of Buildings. Once more the Regressives, misnamed the Progressives, suffered a stinging defeat.  Who would oppose a museum dedicated to making children of all ages interested in mathematics?

We in New York City are fortunate to have the only museum dedicated to mathematics in North America.  The mission of the museum is to “enhance public understanding and perception of mathematics” is carried out in over thirty interactive exhibits.  These exhibits involved and interested young and old, children of all ages, playing together to learn various mathematical concepts. I, who had found math a struggle and a bore, was entranced by the various exhibitions.  You could touch, play, shape, listen and interact with the various exhibitions.  The highlight for me was The museum two special tricycles with square wheels, that operate smoothly on a catenary surface.

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