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The Brooklyn Bridge Trolley


From 1898 to 1950, various companies operated local trolley lines over the Brooklyn Bridge, taking passengers from many points in Brooklyn and Queens in New York City to the Park Row terminal in Lower Manhattan. These lines entered the bridge roadway from Fulton Street or Sands Street in Downtown Brooklyn, some of them using elevated trackage at the Sands Street elevated railway station. On January 26, 1908, Brooklyn Bridge Local trolley service between the two ends of the bridge was introduced. The cable cars of the New York and Brooklyn Bridge Railway, on whose tracks the Brooklyn Rapid Transit Company was providing through elevated railway service, were discontinued the next day.  Local trolley service ended in 1950. Then automobiles used the trolley lanes.

The Cable-powered Trolley

In 1950-1954 in which the walkway was raised and made narrower while three-lane highways were built in each direction since there no longer any trollies or elevated lines.  One of my earliest childhood memories is that of my father driving our car through the municipal building to get on the  Brooklyn Bridge.  I have never forgotten this experience. You can still see the hole in the Municipal Administration Building where the trollies and automobiles used to go through. Roadway.  At the time of this renovation, all the Brooklyn Bridge needed was a paint job!

Brooklyn Bridge Trolley Rail Approaches

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