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  • Sc#@% Trump

The Donald Trump NYC Tour

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Group 1-5 pax
Group 6-10 pax

The Tour for Everything Trump

Tour Description: Join us on a New York Trump tour! Donald Trump leveraged his family’s fortune into becoming the worst president in American History. He is the ultimate political phony that has thrived on scandals, lies, reveals of his moral shortcomings, and what may be criminal offenses on his road to the White House.

We will be retracing his road to the White House as we take a look at his business career and personal life in Midtown Manhattan including stops at Trump Tower, Michael Cohen’s law office, and other egotistical landmarks that have helped buoy his so-called career.

Meeting Location: 1335 6th Ave, New York, NY 10019 in the Main Lobby of the Midtown Hilton